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DC Current Grabs 2014 MLU Championship

The D.C. Current scored on each of their five possessions on route to a 23-17 victory over the Vancouver Nighthawks. Despite plenty of offense and no turnovers in the first quarter, it was the Current’s defense that was the difference. Dominating most of the evening and taking 6 break points in the first quarter, the outcome was hardly in doubt. The defense continued it’s masterful performance in the second quarter as well, giving up only two goals for the entire frame. In the second half, Vancouver came out swinging, staging a second half comeback that has been their hallmark all season as the Nighthawk’s Kevin Greer caught two straight breaks to cut the lead to 5, 15-10. The mood began to shift and the Vancouver faithful tried to rally their team to victory, but the big...

Pitt 2014 Highlights

LSU: Tally Classic 2014

San Diego State Ultimate: Feb 2014

Central Florida: T-Town 2014

Auburn Ultimate: January 2014

Auburn University Ultimate Frisbee: Video Highlights, January 2014

Appalachian State Pair Make NY Empire Squad

From a school boasting a student population of 17,000, two students who play for Appalachian State’s Ultimate team have made the final roster for the New York City Empire of the American Ultimate Disc League, following the end of their school year. Former Appalachian State Men’s Ultimate Frisbee captain Justin Allen lays out for a pass while practicing. Allen will join the New York Empire Ultimate team. Photo by Joey Johnson | The Appalachian Read the article from the Appalachian student newspaper here.

Frisbee Stock Photos

We offer up the 3rd installment of the best of the worst, disc related, stock art. Title: Two young 20s something men have fun outdoor on a summer day playing a game of Frisbee. Hey Bra, let’s drop some tabs and find a steep slope with ragweed all around. Yeah, and then we can toss the disc back and forth without making it spin. Whoa, and let’s take off our shirts so I can show off my wicked sun-burn. Ha. And, how do you work these button fly jeans ? Alternate caption ideas? Add yours to the comments below. Two will win $25 gift certificates to somewhere ultimate related. Stock Photo Title: Asian bikini model in a brown bikini holding a blue frisbee style disc in her hands This is an odd pose for sure, but innocuous enough. Take a closer look because I can’t decide which ...

Worst Frisbee Stock Art Ever

Here they are in all of their UN-EDITED glory, with the original stock art title and captions, of course. #4 Smiling female in bikini playing with frisbee on a beach next to the sea There’s something wrong with this picture. We just can’t figure out what it is. Maybe it’s her natural glow, her smile, her 1989 sunglasses? Or maybe it’s her disc grip, hors d’oeuvre style! Say, smiling female, do you know that fellow below? You’re at the same beach! Alternate caption ideas? Leave ’em here. Two will win $25 gift certificates to somewhere ultimate related.   #3 Smiling guy in swimming shorts throwing frizbee, on a beach – Hey, hairless wonder, 1958 called. They want their hat, shorts and pluto platter back. By the way, watch out for that tric...

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