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Top College Programs – 2014 Rankings

UCSB Campus

Editor’s Note: After some lengthy discourse with some members of the Ultimate community, including Joe Seidler, former UPA board member, we have altered our ranking methodology slightly and have updated the past rankings to reflect the new scoring system.

Specifically, we have weighted a national championship crown more heavily in comparison to simply reaching the final game. Previously, the weighting was 5 to 7, a 40% premium, now it’s 5 to 8, an 60% increase. This more accurately recognizes and rewards the highest achievement in the college Ultimate world.

We have also readjusted the pre-1999 scoring to be consistent with the more recent numbers that we felt were reflective of how much more difficult it is to win a regional championship now than in 1985. It has been argued that there were also fewer participants in the National tournament back then. Those normalized scores give a real boost to the teams who had great success at the national level in the period from 1984 to 1999.

So, in summary, the old scoring methodology was as follows:
Nationals Appearance=1, Regional Winner=2, Semi Finalist=4, Runner Up=5, Winner=7.
New Scoring: Nationals Appearance=1, Regional Winner=2, Semi Finalist=3, Runner Up=5, Winner=8.

[Read the original post describing the ratings methodology].

2014 Finals in Brief

As compared to last year when for the first time in 14 years the familiar names did not reach the final game, the 2014 season restored to normalcy, the top programs reaching the highest level. Three out of the four semi-finalists were in the top 10 of the all-time best college program rankings (Colorado, Oregon and UNC Wilmington), while the fourth, North Carolina was 21st before this year’s scoring.

This year at the national tournament there was one first timer, Rutgers of New Jersey with their first appearance since the UPA kept detailed accounts.

In the final contest, it was Colorado taking advantage of some sloppy North Carolina play early as they broke to an 8-4 first-half lead, never looking back, on their way to capturing their second national title in school history. The win moved Mamabird to within four points of 3rd place all time, gaining on Stanford who has held that spot for the past five years.

Here is another ranking method by former UPA Board Member 2002-2004, Joe Seidler.

 School Name Ranking Points Trips to Nationals Most Recent Appearance Finals Appearances Championships
1UC Santa Barbara 8318201091988 1989 1990 1996 1997 1998
2Carleton7624201462001 2009 2011
3Stanford 6920201181984 2002
4Wisconsin 6121201472003 2007 2008
5Colorado (1)6017201462004, 2014
6Cornell 431820130
7Texas 342020140
8UNC-Wilmington 3312201421993
8Brown 3312200722000 2005
8Oregon (4) 3312201421992
11Pittsburgh2810201422012 2013
12Florida 277201432006 2010
13East Carolina 2610199821994 1995
14Michigan 221320140
15Georgia 211520130
18NC State 187200411999
19UMASS 185201421986
20Harvard 16920140
21UNC Chapel Hill (2)14820140
22Penn 147200311985
23Tufts 12820140
24Illinois 12820130
25UC Berkeley 11520120
26UC San Diego 10620140
27Central Florida 9420141
28Iowa 9620110
29Delaware 8420080
30Chabot/Positas 83199411987
31William & Mary 7320040
32Michigan State 7320060
33Wesleyan 6619970
34Carnegie Mellon 6419890
35Dartmouth 6320130
36Georgia Tech 5520120
37Williams 5520090
38Indiana 5420070
39Princeton 5520000
40SUNY Purchase 5319900
41SW Missouri State 5319870
42Luther College 4220130
43Florida State 4220130
44Rice 4420000
45Oberlin 4419990
46Yale 4419990
47Columbia 4219890
48Cal-Poly 4219870
49Glassboro State 4119841

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