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Five Ultimate Team Names with “Local Color”

University of Minnesota, Duluth

We know that in the sport of Ultimate, especially in college ranks, a clever pun or a wacky name featuring an animal (or a fruit) is a badge of honor. In this list, however, we want to honor those discerning folks using the state, city or region as part of that inventiveness. This naming method is employed frequently, so narrowing them down to a Top 5 list was not easy. Some are from larger schools, some from medium size schools of 12,000 or less, but all are on THIS list because instead of figuring out a way to put “disc” in their name, they used their locale to bang out a higher score on the creativity index.

Quick note; most people think “SLUG” is an acronym for something, while actually it’s from the UCSC mascot, the banana slug, indigenous to the region and often found in the redwood trees that are on and around the UCSC campus.

If we were to do a historical look at this category, then surely the former teams of Kansas State, Western Kentucky and Edinboro University would have made the list as the Flying Dorothys, Spectacular Bid and Haggis, respectively.

The Teams

School Team Name City Team Enrollment
1. University of Minnesota, Duluth The Northern Lights Duluth Men 11,000
2. Sonoma State University Grapes of Wrath Rohnert Park Men 9,000
3. U of California, Santa Barbara The Black Tide Santa Barbara Men 18,000
4. U of California, Santa Cruz Slug Ultimate Santa Cruz Men 16,000
5. University of Nebraska Cornfed Omaha Men 19,000


The Campuses

Minnesota, Duluth Sonoma State UCSB
UC Santa Cruz Nebraska

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