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Top 10 One Word Ultimate Team Names

Three College Campuses

It’s likely, in the college ranks anyway, that the first one-word team name that comes to everyone’s minds is CUT, the revered name of the best men’s Ultimate program, ever. See rankings here. But this time, sorry Carleton (the door-man), you’re not at top of THIS list. No acronyms allowed. Note: First 2 people to identify that reference get free discs. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, move on. You won’t win.

We received a few comments and an email or two that our last top 10 list (top 5 actually) didn’t include any women’s team names. So, in this week’s post, we honor two that would have made the list irrespective of the team’s gender. So that’s that.

These names are in the order that were voted on here at Despite the fact that only 1 out of 7 people here actually knew what entropy was (some thermodynamics nuttiness), we all thought it was cool. As for Afterburn, it’s perfect and we’re surprised it didn’t win. Chill is also spot-on as a verb AND adjective to describe the sport as well as UVM.

I’m sure we’ll also get a comment or two that TRUDGE is also really an acronym. According to the RPI website, it stands for Ten Really Ugly Dudes Getting Even. We’ll just assume that the acronym came after the fact. One more thing about TRUDGE. They claim to have the longest running name in College Ultimate. That may be, but these guys make the same claim. Sounds like a game for bragging rights is on the horizon.

Lastly, pruning this list was not simple. There were a several dozen names to choose from when we included women’s and ‘B’ teams. We like what we ended up with. We’d love to hear your thoughts and nominations as well.

The Teams

School Team Name Location Division twitter icon
1. Colorado School of Mines Entropy Golden, CO Men’s @
2. US Air Force Academy Afterburn Colorado Springs, CO Men’s @
3. University of Vermont Ruckus Burlington, VT Men’s @RuckusUltimate
4. University of Chicago Junk Chicago, IL Men’s @
5. Ohio University Stacked Athens, OH Women’s @StackedOU
6. Georgia Southern Clutch Statesboro, GA Men’s @
7. University of Cincinnati Toxic Cincinnati, OH Men’s @GetBiscuits
8. University of Texas, Austin Melee Austin, TX Women’s @
9. State University of NY-Stony Brook Panic Stony Brook, NY Men’s @
10. Rensselaer Polytechnic Trudge Rensselaer, NY Men’s @


The Campuses

School of Mines Air Force Academy University of Vermont University of Chicago
Colorado School of Mines

Engineering Hall – School of Mines

Air Force Academy

Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, CO

University of Vermont

UVM – Billings Library

University of Chicago

University of Chicago Campus


Ohio University Georgia Southern University of Cincinnati University of Texas
Ohio Univerity

Ohio University – Walter Hall

Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern – Center for the Arts

University of Cincinatti

University of Cincinnati – Athletics Center

University of Texas

University of Texas – Student Housing


Stony Brook Rensselaer Polytechnic
SUNY Stony Brook

SUNY – Stony Brook Nobel Hall

RPI Campus

RPI Campus



  1. Also worth noting: Toxic is the University of Cincinnati’s women’s team. Cinister is the men’s. (See and

  2. Profile photo of Castor Breckinridge

    Why doesn’t my school have architecture like that, or a pool next to my dorm for that matter?

  3. Worth noting, Chill is the UVM Men’s team. Ruckus is the women.

    • Profile photo of Nate Brochin

      Worth noting (and changing) indeed. When did that change? 😉

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