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Top College Programs – 2013 Rankings

Editor’s Note: There has been some confusion regarding the yearly format. This is not a competitive ranking system on a year by year basis, (these fine folks do an awesome job at that) but rather a historical look that gets updated each year. For the first time in 14 years, no team named Wisconsin, Colorado or Carleton reached the final game. Instead, the final game of 2013 featured the reigning champs, Pittsburgh against a surprisingly resilient Central Florida team. UCF’s (Dogs of War), have appeared only one other time at Nationals. That was last year, (2012) where they finished in a tie for 5th place. With a hard fought, though dominant win over UCF and back to back titles for only the 4th time in the men’s college division (UCSB, East Carolina, Wisconsin), the El Sab...

Top 10 One Word Ultimate Team Names

It’s likely, in the college ranks anyway, that the first one-word team name that comes to everyone’s minds is CUT, the revered name of the best men’s Ultimate program, ever. See rankings here. But this time, sorry Carleton (the door-man), you’re not at top of THIS list. No acronyms allowed. Note: First 2 people to identify that reference get free discs. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about, move on. You won’t win. We received a few comments and an email or two that our last top 10 list (top 5 actually) didn’t include any women’s team names. So, in this week’s post, we honor two that would have made the list irrespective of the team’s gender. So that’s that. These names are in the order that were voted on he...

Five Ultimate Team Names with “Local Color”

We know that in the sport of Ultimate, especially in college ranks, a clever pun or a wacky name featuring an animal (or a fruit) is a badge of honor. In this list, however, we want to honor those discerning folks using the state, city or region as part of that inventiveness. This naming method is employed frequently, so narrowing them down to a Top 5 list was not easy. Some are from larger schools, some from medium size schools of 12,000 or less, but all are on THIS list because instead of figuring out a way to put “disc” in their name, they used their locale to bang out a higher score on the creativity index. Quick note; most people think “SLUG” is an acronym for something, while actually it’s from the UCSC mascot, the banana slug, indigenous to the region a...

UF Highlights – Bodie Smith

San Jose St. – BananaMonium

UCSB Qualifiers – 2013

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